Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chop, chop results

So I did it. I bet you thought I wouldn't!
I walked into the hairdresser and sat down.  She casually asked "How much are we taking off today?"
I didn't even bat an eyelid or break into a smirk (very controlled) "All of it" I said.
I was very prepared and had a great magazine with examples I liked.
To her credit, my hairdresser simply took a big intake of air before beginning. My hair is well known at the hairdresser for it's thickness and bulk.

We got started. I was composed. My hairdresser was focused.
Quite some time later, we were well into the restyling. Mount Long Locks was building on the floor. Yet .... we were only trimmed up to the ears! As she worked her way up, there was laughter at the full head of hair still left. Should I back out now and just have a mean looking under-cut? The hairdresser must have thought the same thing as she asked me several times "Are you OK?"

My daughter came in as the style was coming together. I threw her a quizzical look. She just gave me a grin back, telling me nothing of what she was thinking.

And the result?

Well, I'm pretty sure I like it. Of course, I haven't had a go at styling it myself yet. The fallout from Master 3 is a whole other story!

So ... do you wanna see? Are you sure? I apologise for the dodgy photos.


Hmm ... that's it. I'm feeling a little cheeky with my new hairstyle. I might reveal more later ... depending on my mood.