Thursday, 18 August 2011

Parenting - Jekyll and Hyde style

Parenting is SO MUCH HARDER than I thought it was going to be.
I am one of those women who, from an early age, could only see my future with children in it. For much of my life I was surrounded by "little"family members, and can be seen in several photos with cousins propped on my hip.

When I look at my parenting style I can't say I lean definately one way or the other. And I look at other parents and think you can't be their friend all the time" or "they are going to end up hating you for your harsh treatment". So really, I don't necessarily sit in the middle, but swing slightly like a pendulum (sometimes with a child clinging at the bottom).

I don't always get the timing right and it all depends on the dynamics of the moment (what sort of day have I had, how many of my buttons have already been pushed, am I in public, have a got parenting back-up).

But my plan is to assess the child and the moment and hopefully choose a plan of suitable action.

It's just like everything else in life though - you can deal with the same thing in several ways. And the way you choose will influence the outcome.

I am also a product of the way I was brought up (even though we always say I am not going to do that like my mum/dad). And it's funny to hear myself saying some of the phrases I hated to hear. At least NOW I have an appreciation for WHY it was being said. Better late than nerver!