Thursday, 4 August 2011

Show Off Your Shot - bubbles

Today I am linking up with and then-she snapped. People who know me will know that I have a camera of some description on hand MOST of the time. Love, love, love taking photos! Can not have too many - Thank God for DIGITAL!
It would be quite correct to say that Master Three LOVES a bath, and doesn't mind a bubble or two.
He will tip ALL of our bath toys in and play until the water goes cold.
He is very sneaky though - he likes to splash which is breaking rule number 1.

He also likes to find things to add to his bath, whether it be some of Mum's shampoo, some Insect Repellant, some non-water resistant toys, a balloon .... anything is possible.
Master 3 is also a bath stunt professional and likes to perform tricks, swirling the water over the edge and seeing how much water will leap out when he jumps in from the bath edge.
Breaking rule number 2.

Something unique to Master 3 that I did not have to endure with my daughter (could it be a boy thing?) is how relaxed a warm bath can make him. And I mean relaxed! Every muscle ... do you see where I am going here? If you don't,then let me just say that Master 3 has had foreign objects, not usually welcome in the bath, on several occasions join him for a swim. Needless to say that hubby (who is not a fan of foreign objects) quickly lets me know my services are needed.

and then, she {snapped}