Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Write on Wednesday - The clock winked

The clock winked .... but that's just what it looked like. Her tears had actually blurred her vision and as she blinked a tear out, the clock winked at her.
Cheeky bugger, she thought.
It was as if the clock were mocking her. Reminding her  "time flies when you're having fun". Well, this was not her idea of fun.
Growing up was SO HARD. It was meant to be fun, wasn't it... being a kid?
Then why was everything so hard?
"I don't want to grow up if this is what it's like" she had told her Mum. She had been crying then too, while Mum rubbed her legs for her. They ached terribly. Growing pains, everyone told her.
What a horrible way to grow up.

This was inspired by my gorgeous daughter and a real conversation we had.
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