Friday, 30 September 2011

Happiness is ... seeing through their eyes


I'm not sure if I should liken it to a slap in the face or a soothing balm?
My son's comment came at the right time, and pulled me back to where I should be.

This week has been the usual whirlwind with hubby getting over his virus, work, school, invitations, swimming, new things happening next week, social catch-ups, I'll stop there.

To get to the end of the week is always a relief (in one piece). But Friday is a work day for me and always a busy one. As I get ready in the morning, my days schedule is buzzing through my head.
I am also pushing gently nudging Miss 7 along so that she might be in time to catch the bus. Master 4 is going to his grandparents for the day, so he too needs a good boot up the bum organising.

I wave Miss 7 off as she gets on the bus. What a relief that worked out. One less thing to do.
Master 4 is up to his usual tricks and doing anything but what he is asked to do.

As I turn toward the bathroom, I hear Master 4 slip out the backdoor and through the gate to the backyard. I march out behind him but he is already happily bouncing on the trampoline.
"Come on mate, you need to come back inside and get dressed. We are going to be late!" How many times in different ways have I said this already?
"But Mum ...... look at the beautiful flowers". Bang, he got me.
image source
I went to argue that we didn't have time for that, but then my eyes wandered to the flowers behind him. He was right, the flowers were beautiful, and would it hurt to take 30 seconds to admire them?

As I stood there breathing, admiring, I felt my morning madness calm a little, and right then I appreciated my son for making me stop and look around.
It's these moments that are rare these days but so very much needed.

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