Thursday, 29 September 2011

Me, just me

Age: 36 and 3/4

Breakfast regime: Yoga or walk, shower, Uncle Tobys Oats with honey and lite milk, Green Tea with Jasmine

Can't Live Without: Family, Internet connection, hugs, creative outlet

Demonic traits: my laugh can be evil (so I've been told), I like my music loud, I take medication to stop me turning into a Witch (this is how I explain Anti-anxiety tablets to my kids)

Extra-curricular: Netball(back into it soon hopefully), Yoga, State Emergency Service, Scrapbooking

Favorite color: Blue, any and all shades

Greatest list: Actress - Sandra Bullock

Movie - The Lake House

Book - Lucky Man, Michael J Fox 

Band- Aerosmith

Hospital visits: Tonsillitis when young, minor surgery when I was 15 (what a drama that was), 2004 1st labour, 2007 2nd labour

Items I should buy stocks in: Cashews, Bigpond, Flora Pro-active, Cadbury

Job title: Mother, Wife, Accounts Clerk/Payroll Clerk

Kitchen no-no: Don't leave a cloth in the sink!

Laugh inducers:my children laughing, old comedies like some Mothers Do Ave Em, tongue in cheek humour

Must haves: comfort (over fashion)

Nicknames: Mel and Molly

Obsessed with: Facebook, blogs, taking photos

Pet peeves: people who talk over the top of you, disrespect for people and possessions

Quirky fact: I ate animal poop when I was little (from a chicken)

Reading material: Besides blogs?

Sleep necessities: A quiet house (maybe that's why I haven't slept since 2004?) and warmth

Things I have never done: been tattooed, been in jail, used illegal drugs, broken a bone (or does my little toe count?)

Unwilling to: jump off any stable surface from which I would then fall (i.e bungee-jump) or willingly touch something known to bite and cause pain/discomfort

Visible features: brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin

Weakness: Chocolate (there's only one time in my life I can say I pushed it away

Yucko:  Shellfish (allergic and I think it looks disgusting), stinky people, slimy substances

Zoo animal: Panda