Friday, 16 September 2011

things I know ....

 I'm linking up for the first time with Yay for Home's. I have been watching other's contributing to this blog hop for some time and figured it was about time I jumped in.

The things I know this week are:

- If you take a week of annual leave, the week will go twice as fast as usually

- I'm really into the comforts of home, and feel quite spoilt after returning home from 3 days camping

- That it is really hard for 3 busy, working Mum's living quite different lives to organise a mutual time to catch up. But we won't give up trying.

- I can live without Internet Connection for 3 whole days!

- It is important to make the most of every situation. There is a huge difference in the end effects should you choose to look for the positive in things, instead of grumbling and wishing things were different.

- The people you choose to be with is important. If you surround yourself with good, fun-loving, positive people the mood is relaxed, the conversation is easy and the time is enjoyable.