Monday, 31 October 2011

I love a good dare .. don't you?

I have just committed in writing to this 30 day challenge from Life Coach Tim Brownson.

Now, really, I could have picked anything.
I started with a list of realistic goals like read a novel, exercise 5 times a week, meditate 10 minutes a day, don't swear for the whole month. But I looked at this list, and though doing any one of these tasks for a whole month would have been a challenge, none of them would have made me as proud and fulfilled as completely deleting from my life the one addiction I crave everyday of my life.

So? GASP! I have committed to 30 whole days ....... without chocolate!

Now, if one of the guys I work with was to read this he would be rolling on the floor and I would eventually need to get medical help for him. He asks me religiously how much chocolate I've had and did I have it for breakfast. I used to be so bad with my addiction that hubby would take one look at me after a day at work and could instantly tell if I'd had chocolate or not. Not good.

I am pleased to say I think I am much better now. Chocolate survives much longer in my house than it used to. Some of that comes down to being a good roll model for the children, and some comes down to eating in moderation and wanting to improve my health.

So, as of tomorrow I will be chocolate free for 30 days. No good trying to tempt me, I am committed (and also that would be just plain nasty!) Wish me well .. and join me IF YOU DARE.