Sunday, 30 October 2011

Courtesy is not so common

Sunday Grumble at Madam Bipolar
Is it just me or have you noticed how self-absorbed many people are these days? Would it kill people to notice the person in front of them. Take a look around, many people have one problem or another. It's not ALL about you. So not cool!

I was at a shop recently, as I paid the cashier she said to me "Have a nice day", to which I replied, "I hope you have a good day too". The poor girl look so shocked, and stammered out a "Thank you very much". Does nobody ever repay the comment?

I also notice the arrogance in drivers on the road. Some would rather hit a car than let them merge into their lane.

I was also bought up to hold open a door if someone is going to come through it behind you. This seems to be a rare thing to see people doing.

Even our polite language is slipping. "Bless you" when someone sneezes comes naturally to me. I also stress to our children that they must not interrupt a conversation and should wait their turn. I don't know how many adults I have noted butting in on a conversation, and people talking over the top of others. I find this rude and very frustrating.

So that is my grumble for the week, linking up with Madam Bipolar.