Monday, 24 October 2011

Is technology your friend?

Technology is everywhere you look. Some choose to use it, some choose not to.

I am a huge fan of saving time and making things work for me. So since I started blogging I have started using a few new things that work for me.

Kidspot recently did a great article on mummy friendly applications.
From this article I have started using Evernote. This application has been great to record my blog ideas in audio. I can also save photos to it. It has been compared to having your own project manager.  You can sync with others devices that you use and it is free.
There were some other really good applications in the article regarding shopping, social sites, and kid friendly apps.

I was already a huge fan of Facebook (addicted really but don't tell hubby). I have been able to use Facebook to my advantage by listing my blog posts as I publish them. I get quite a few hits from people who see my posts on Facebook. Along with this I have added Twitter to my tools. I certainly don't tweet a lot, but many bloggers tweet their posts and its a great way to get amongst the pack.

I mostly use Google Reader to view the blogs I like to read. This way I can group the blogs together in a way that works for me, like the ones I like to read first, crafty blogs, etc. I mostly use Google Reader as a gathering tool and will quite often go to the blog site to comment on a post and check out other features of the blog.

Since I have my mobile with me most of the time now, I thought it was also good to use the calendar to remind me of where I am meant to be and when.

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Technology is a great thing and I am a huge fan of change, as long as I can see the benefits.