Friday, 21 October 2011

No-one can do it better

In my house I am often made feel invincible! I can do anything.
More to the point I am often asked to do anything. Like no-one else can do it but me (sometimes my son actually says that).

I remember when my children started saying their first words. People would ask me what word they said first, and ask if they are saying Mum yet. I was in no rush for my children to say Mum. I knew that they had the rest of their lives to say that word.

And I was right. They said things like pup and dad first. Since then, I would would like even 5 cents for every time I have heard them say Mum. I wouldn't have to buy lotto tickets, that's for sure.
It almost like Mum is like one of those gap words like um, that is overused.

I have threatened to change my name.

But I am sure that i would miss it when they say "I love you Mum."
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