Thursday, 13 October 2011

Simply yummy

There are times when you are doing an activity, and you need something to get you through, or even something at the end. No. I am not talking about an alcoholic beverage, I am referring to a snack.
I find this happens often if I am wanting to do a batch of gardening and I don't want to stop for lunch, but just need that little something. Another situation that comes to mind is when I am scrapbooking. I find that a snack helps me think and get the creative juices flowing. My kids are always so hungry afer swimming lessons too, and often need something on the way home.

I am so much more aware now as a parent (and an ageing female) about the importance of what we put in our mouths. There are so many processed snacks out there on the shelf that are full of fat, sugar, salt and added flavours.

I was lucky to receive some of Uncle Tobys Simply Fruit Bars for Product Talk by Nuffang. I am a huge Uncle Tobys fan and enjoy my Oats every day. Our snack box already contains the Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars and Uncle Tobys Le Snack Cheese and Crackers. Simply Fruit Bars are a great addition for our family.

It is so refreshing to eat a snack and taste exactly what is described on the packet. Simply Fruit Bars are available in two great choices
- Sultanas, dates, apple & cinnamon
- Sultanas, apricot, poppyseed & orange
Both are a hit. The bar itself is a great size for a snack and I found the flavour stayed in my mouth long after the bar was gone.I was very excited to see the bars contained 65% of fruit. That is impressive.

Even more impressive? I noticed in the grocery store that the Uncle Tobys Simply range includes Fruit Nibbles and Nature's Mix, as well as the Fruit Bars. I can't wait to pop these in my trolley in our next shopping trip.