Monday, 10 October 2011

The way to a boys heart?

I was always told that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Have things changed, 'cause the boys seem to sing a different tune these days?

There seems to be a new item of value on the market at the moment.  My daughter, who is trying to Woo a boy in her class, won her way to sitting next to him for the day with a gift offering. What did she offer? What earned her a place by his side? Mighty Beanz!
image source

Are you aware they hold such great value?

When my daughter spotted these "things" in the shop and whinged pleaded to have some,  I failed to see their value. She, on the other hand, knew what they were worth in her world. For something that looks like an inch long plastic capsule, painted as a character and has a metal ball inside, allowing it movement, it certainly seems to be popular amongst the kiddies here in Oz and apparently 16 other countries.

So if you are after the attention of your child, or your child needs the attention of another child, I highly recommend Mighty Beanz as a weapon of choice.