Saturday, 8 October 2011

What's in a name?

How did you decide on a name when you had a child?

I like to do research - lots of it. I like to know what a name means. I like the full name to roll off the tongue nicely. I also did the scream across the yard test (yelling a name sounds so different). For my second child I also worked a few names through Numerology, before I made my choice.

I also discussed it with hubby. Really - I did!

In the end we both picked a couple of names we liked. It made it easier that we found out the sex of the baby both times. We went with one of hubby's choices for our daughter, the first born. I liked the name which was important. I also felt weary from all my efforts and a little sorry for hubby for all he had been through during labour (ahem), so the decision was made.  I then got to pick the name of our son, the second born. Of course, it had to be something hubby liked too, but there weren't many he refused outright.

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We did consult our daughter on the name for our son. She was 3 at the time and we wanted her to feel involved. We waited in anticipation while she gave it some thought. She finally she had her answer. Her choice was "Bucket head" and she wasn't kidding. We laugh about it now, but it wasn't helpful at the time.

I have decided for blog purposes that I would not call them by their given names. It's not really my decision whether they would like to be named, so I choose not to. I started referring to them as Miss 7 and Master 3. Master 3 has now become Master 4. This got me thinking that whilst it helps the reader picture the child and their size/capabilities, it would be constantly changing. I would rather something I could use continuously.

So what are your thoughts? How do you refer to your children and how did you decide on that method? I do have pet/nick names for them both which I have considered. Maybe this would be a good way to go?