Thursday, 6 October 2011

What's your number?

I was listening to a session of Fifi and Jules on the way home from work. I love these guys and enjoy their radio show on a regular basis on the way home from work.

 Today, Fifi and Jules were talking about the release at Cinemas of
What's your number? The movie . In short, a lady reads the statistic that a person who has had 20 sexual partners or more is so much less likely to get married. As she is nearing this number it worries her greatly.

This got me thinking about numbers and how we place great importance on certain numbers in our lives. Some numbers mean a great deal to people while other people don't find them significant at all. On the radio show there was a lot of oohs and ahhs about the people in the room and what their number might be.

Society tends to judge people on the numbers in life, like age, how many times you have done something, how many of something a person has. Some numbers are lucky for people and some unlucky. Some numbers come up in peoples lives many times.

I thought I should throw some numbers out there for you to think about. I would love to know what you think about these numbers. What do these numbers say about me? Were you surprised by the numbers? Do these numbers mean anything at the end of the day? How do they compare with your numbers?

Current age - 36

Number of employers I have had - 3

Number of work locations - 7

Houses I have lived in - 10

Numbers of towns of I lived in - 1
Piercings - 4

Number of children - 2

The age I became a mother for the first time - 29
Traffic infringements - 1

Pieces of Jewellery I wear every day - 5

Numerology Birth Number - 4

Pairs of footwear - 21