Friday, 7 October 2011

Painfully obvious

This week I took a big step that I have been working towards for 8 years. I wish I had taken this leap sooner, as the longer I waited the harder it was.

There are several things that I have learned from my little adventure this week.

1. Don't put things off! The sooner you you jump back in the less daunting it will be. It's amazing how we build things up in our heads the more we are away from something.

2. I move around a lot in my day.  This became PAINFULLY obvious after I first sat down. I played my first Netball game in 8 years this week. My muscles let me know how long it has been and that I am that many years older now.

3. Warm-up and cool down are crucial. I already knew this. My Netball career ended with a ruptured Achilles tendon. I was aware that I should take extra measures to warm up this area of my body. Somehow, I forgot about the rest. I was also so keen to get home and collapse in a heap, that I didn't do a cool-down. Big Oops! Today is the 4th day after the game and I am back to walking properly now.

4. If you enjoy doing something, keep doing it. I had played Netball since 1983 until 2003. I really enjoyed it. The running, the skill, the teamwork, the friendships. Giving it up after 20 years was just plain silly.

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