Friday, 11 November 2011

Chocolate - less

It's the 11th today. 11 days of November down. 11 days without chocolate.

I answered a challenge recently and so far, so good. As my hubby says, when I put my mind to something, I can do it. I must admit, I have had a few moments where I could have quite easily crumbled. But I stayed strong and stuck to my guns.

I have even tested myself. I put some offerings on the table for some guests. They were singing out to me, so I just kept talking so I couldn't hear them. When my guests departed I could have quite easily scoffed a few. Nobody was there to witness my act. But I knew, and I got a great sense of achievement by packing the remains back in their packet for a later date.

This is no different than any other situation. You know - you can't have something, and all of a sudden it is everywhere. Taunting you. I don't really take that much notice of the lineup of chocolates at the shop near my work place. This week, I stood there staring, mesmerised. I could taste them - seriously!

Hubby isn't addicted to chocolate like I am. He eats it occasionally. Of course, we were in the car for 2 hours today and hubby grabbed a snack bag of chocolates from the discount store. He sat them in the centre of the car, between us. He made all the appropriate noises as he enjoyed them. My fingers twitched, and my eyes sought something to focus on out the window. I stayed strong.

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Do you test yourself occasionally? My theory is that at the end, I will have achieved something difficult for me. Also, I know the taste of the next chocolate is going to be AMAZING.

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