Thursday, 10 November 2011

I cut the story short. Shhh .. don't tell

We all get tired right? Children see us as always on duty, always there when they call out.  I'm sure I'm not the first parent, or even the last, to cut a few corners. Am I?
Reading a book recently to Master 4, I found myself guilty of only reading the main parts on each page of the not-so-short book. It wasn't a book he was overly familiar with, so it seemed a safe risk.

I got to the end and wondered, did I actually achieve anything from this cheating exercise? Isn't it similar to the car that races past you on the overtaking lanes, only to be two cars in front for the rest of the way down the road. I may have saved a little energy by not saying all the words, but I probably didn't save much in time.

I felt more than a little guilty as I closed the book at the end. Master 4 was none the wiser, but I knew.

Do you cheat from time to time in your parental duties? Lighten my load by sharing with me.