Thursday, 24 November 2011

Do you allow the odd Hammock Day?

Today has turned into the perfect day in Hobart for a Hammock Day. You know? You don't?
Everyone should afford themselves a Hammock Day when the weather permits!

Today, for instance, there is a beautiful blue sky, with just a scattering of puffy white clouds. The breeze is very soft and warm, and picks up the scent of lovely cottage gardens. The sun is beaming down, and lovely for a short period, but you need to remember to cover up with sunscreen.

Of course, you need a hammock. I prefer a lovely large one with colourful stripes and it is strung between two trees that provide beautiful shade on a day like today. The only thing I need to worry about when laying in my hammock is whether I can reach my cool glass of juice, or the occasional breeze that may ruffle the page of my book.

Ahhhh ..... if only ..

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Back in reality, I have spent my day cooped up in an office, slapping away at a keyboard. I gazed longingly at the empty hammock I saw on my walk during lunch. It was my attempt to get out, get some vitamin D and be able to say  I had enjoyed the lovely sunshine of the day. The hammock really did call out to me to join it under the trees. I wondered for a fleeting moment if anyone at the house was home (and even if they would bring out a cool drink and a good book).

Really though, it was the perfect Hammock Day today.