Thursday, 17 November 2011

Do you have a Menu? Maybe I should?

I love to make lists, and for everything. Or so I thought.

Recently, I was reading an article about being organised and reducing waste around the house. I have seen and heard endlessly of people making a Weekly Menu for their household, and creating their shopping lists with this Menu in mind. As organised as I like to be, I have never done this. I started to think "why not" and whether it was something that would work for us.

Now these things don't just fall into place by themselves. They take some research and sorting and customising to your own household. For instance, my hubby and I cook equally through the week, so the menu would have to suit us both. In the past, we have sometimes had the idea in the morning for a meal and then by afternoon, something has changed that idea, whether we had a BBQ instead because of great weather, or gone for a simpler meal due to stress and fatigue. We also find that meals need to suit the days' activities, such as whether I have Netball, or hubby has State Emergency Training, or the children have swimming or after school commitments. Despite all of this, I believe that if we can plan a menu that hubby and I are happy with, we can change the daily order around if need be.

If we are feeling energetic or have an abundance of ingredients we tend to cook a meal in bulk, which we then freeze in meal size containers. This is great for those inevitable days where all of your energy has been zapped, or the usual day agenda has been thrown into chaos. With hubby having to attend Emergencies any time of the day, and for any length of time, it's always good to have a back up plan. I think, even with a Weekly Menu, our household would still benefit from our backup frozen meals.
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So my question to you is, do you plan a Weekly Menu? How do you find it works for your household? If not, is there reason? What meals do you tend to make over and over again? Do you cook in advance?

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