Friday, 18 November 2011

Grateful for ... having no story

Today is Speak Out day. It aims at bringing awareness and encouraging victims to speak out and seek help against domestic violence.

The statistics of men and women affected by domestic violence, and if you don't believe the stats, then maybe you need to read some stories. I have been over at Wanderlust today reading the growing list of blog posts by people who have been affected directly by domestic violence or who have known someone and would like to raise awareness.

I am so grateful that I have no personal story to tell. I know people, too many people, that have their own stories, but they are not mine to tell. These people have been affected long-time as a result of the violence that they endured. It made them a different person and has shaped the way they have lived as a result.

Surely life is hard enough, with enough sickness and evil without the need to be violent toward each other. In many cases, I know, that there is sickness involved. Part of the awareness and help is getting these people assistance to deal with their sickness.

The stories I have read today have torn at my heart and been offered so selflessly by these people so that others can learn from their experience. I applaud the writers of the blog posts for being so brave. You can read their blogs here, and maybe you would like to add your own?
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