Friday, 4 November 2011

Happiness is ... the school bus

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It's amazing how much time I save not having to do the school drop in the morning.

I never would have thought it possible last year, but Miss 7 has got her act together and is catching the school bus every morning and afternoon.

It was a big step for her to stand outside our house by herself waiting for the bus. I try not to stay at the window the whole time she is waiting.

It was always a struggle in the morning, and we would be the mother and daughter walking in as the bell rang - for the second time. Now, Miss 7 is delivered by the bus and has some time to play and organise herself before class starts. I also get some time to myself and get ready at my pace.

As happy as I am to see her getting on the bus in the morning, I feel the relief and same happiness when she jumps off in the afternoons.
It is hard letting go, giving her wings. So far, she seems to fly OK without me.