Sunday, 18 December 2011

I had a vision

When I was growing up I imagined having a boy and a girl. The perfect pidgeon pair. I envisioned what they would look like.

When I was pregnant with my first, I had a feeling that the baby was a boy. I had no proof at this stage. I just always thought of the baby as a "him". We then found out I was having a girl(hmm, great intuition), and knowing the father, I had a clearer vision of my daughter. She would have her Daddy's blue eyes and my dark thick hair. Funnily, she got the exact opposite (wrong again).

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How can I be so in-touch with my unborn child and be so wrong. And I'm Sagitarian! Aren't we meant to have psychic tendencies?

In the end it made absolutely no difference what or who she looked like. Although, when you are planning to have children and then are carrying your child, you do hope that the child does not inherit any features you like the least, or genetic problems. In the end, you have absolutly no control over this either.

My second child was a boy. My perfect pidgeon pair! At least I saw something right in my future.
He was fair like his Daddy and got his eyes too. I look at my children, and smile as I see similarities of my husband and myself. Some things are really obvious, others are just little movements or expressions. But they both their own ways and are their own little people.

Does the fact that they have similar features to us make me love them more? I don't think so. I would have been quite happy to go down the adoption road if necessary.  I would love my children if they looked nothing like the rest of the family.

I also have a vision of my children growing up and their future. We'll see ....

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