Friday, 16 December 2011

Things I know ... The Wrap

As the last Things I Know, I thought it appropriate to touch on things I have become wiser about through the year.

I know that our local school staff and their organisational skills have been quite a disappointment.

I know that, despite the teacher boasting that my daughter was "the 2nd teacher's aide", she bestowed no recognition or reward for her efforts over the past year.

I know I am hoping for a different teacher next year.

I know that Master 4 is looking forward, and is ready to start Kindergarten next year. The teacher will have her work cut out for her there!

I know that you can get quite a bit of work done if you stop wasting time, and even more if you can turn the computer off!

I know that some days, I don't have the patience required to be a good Mum.

I know that physical activity of any sort can give you a real life. I look forward to more team sports in 2012.

I know that many people have fallen short of my expectations this year.

I know that others have put in the effort and done a bloody fine job.

I know to challenge yourself is a good thing.

I know that change is mostly a good thing, and inevitable.

I know that our family is looking forward to a very due break over Christmas. We hope it doesn't go too fast.

I know that blogging is in my blood now. No turning back.

This is the last time Yay! for Home is hosting this blog hop. I'm sure it won't be the last time you read about what I know.

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