Monday, 28 November 2011

Wonderful Weekend brains required

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A catch up with a friend and a chance to help her out. Some lazy DVD nights. A furry, soft visitor. This was the gist of our weekend. I am desperate at the moment for weekends with as little content and drama as possible. So this weekend was good for revitalizing some much needed energy with sleep ins and leisure.

I caught up with a friend at her house. She was hosting a linen party. I am a huge believer in supporting each other to get a good deal (and also secretly love linen). So sitting back with a relaxing coffee, whilst shopping for linen at which my friend get some benefits is not a bad way to spend an afternoon. The kids kept themselves entertained (somewhat noisily at times), and hubby was blessed with some quiet time at home to tinker with his hobbies.

It was a dodgy weekend  weather wise here in Tassie. Intermittent showers, bursts of sunshine, and the odd wind gust. I have hinted to the fact here recently that there is NOTHING on the television at them moment. So, rather than whinging about it, we trekked to the local video store to grab some DVDs for our "down time". The kids grabbed a weekly movie each, hubby chose a action/horror involving sharks (one of his favourite topics), and I chose a girly comedy. So Saturday and Sunday night saw a calm house as we all enjoyed our movies. The kids watched their movies, then swapped. Hubby and I snuggled on the lounge, as I hid behind my blanket and hubby nearly jumped off the lounge during the gripping shark tale. The girly flick gave us some good belly laughs and was one of those "no brain required" movies that helps you relax.

Miss 7 also brought a friend home from school for the weekend. This happens occasionally. This weekend we had Funky Monkey bless our house and share in our weekend activities. Miss J spent Sunday writing in Funky Monkey's journal, so her class would know how he spent his weekend.

Thrown into this mix was the usual grocery trip, mundane house chores, and the ever common "he did this, she said that" banter between the kids.