Friday, 9 December 2011

Happiness is .. lost and found

Have you ever lost something? A favourite item?
You have racked your brain where it could be. Tried to picture it's last location. Interrogated the other house members and taken their finger prints. Things don't just disappear into thin air, right.

I get really frustrated when this happens. One minute, your favourite item is there, where you left it, where it should be. Then, it's nowhere to be seen. What frustrates me possibly more is everyone's claim that they haven't seen it or touched it. Well, I'm sorry, but we need to work on your memory skills here.

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When you are looking for your lost item, have you noticed that although others will help you look for it, it is often a half-assed attempt on their part. I believe, that their strategy is to look busy, avoid conflict, try to get on your good side by looking like they want to help. It is with a different attitude and energy that they search for their own lost items.
I am pleased to say that calm has returned to our household now that my favourite Yoga DVD has been found.

Lesson for the household: Put things where they belong! 

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