Friday, 9 December 2011

Things I know - bug off

Imagine spending more than half an hour with something around you that you detest. Something dirty and vulgar. Imagine that thing touching all of your personal things uninvited. Imagine that thing avoiding your waving arms and dodging the objects flung in it's direction. Imagine there being more than one of these things in your personal space.
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This is how I feel about flies. Any sort. Little house flies, big blowies, March flies (don't even get me started on those).

Today I got in my car for my leisurely drive to work. I set off in a calm, positive mood. Little did I know that I had a couple of hitch-hikers.

I caught sight of one out of the corner of my eye. I casually wound down the passenger window and waved my arms around. The fly dodged me and went into the farthest corner of the windscreen. I breathed deeply.

Pulling up at the traffic lights, I looked around for something to wave at the free-loading traveller. You know you must be pretty desperate when your waving a $50 note at a fly!(I hung onto it tightly Mother).
Relief and joy set in as the fly took off out the window in disgust.

The feeling of victory put a smile on my face.
What was that? I felt something tickle my arm. Horror - another fly invading my personal space.

I wonder if the people sitting behind my at the traffic lights could figure out why I was waving my arms all around the car?
So much for my leisurely drive to work. On the other hand, I wonder how many calories I used?