Thursday, 8 December 2011

Things to do NOW for the next school year

I try to be organised. Often, though I just can't think past this week. Well, I'm grabbing onto this by the horns before it takes off down the road. I am planning NOW for the next school year. My God! I'm gunna be super organised.

These are my recommendations:

Take stock Check what you already have, what needs replacing and what you still need. I'm talking essentials like lunch box, drink bottles, socks.

Labels Everything needs to be labelled. This is not a new thing. These days, though, there are so many tools and companies around to help you with this. Online stores are my favourites.

Clothing and shoes Shoe stores usually have a pre-school sale period. If your school provides uniform, then you may want to check if they are making any changes to the range, and what they have now. Otherwise they may have a pre-arranged day for uniform sales in the new year. Department stores and speciality uniform stores are also good sources.

Accessories   Don't forget all the little bits and pieces. I'm talking hair bands, ties, ribbons, as well as tools that will help get things done at home, like a new computer.

Paperwork  Have you completed all of that nasty paperwork the schools require, and even updated the details they already have. There are also things to consider like a Bus pass or student ID, which can often be arranged wither through the school or online at the appropriate department.

Extras  There are always extra things you need to consider. Things you need to have on hand just in case. Coats and umbrellas are usually only available seasonally, so depending where you live, they may or may not be available.

Organisers In my house this means a diary for me, a family Calendar, and a weekly schedule Board. This way, no-one can say they didn't know about an event or activity.

Activities plus What extra things do you need through the year? If this is your child's first year of school then you might not know. Things that spring to mind are Book Week costume, Halloween attire, swimmers, sports attire, sports equipment, or anything for the added activities that your child may enrol in.

Contacts I'm not a parent who knows all of the other parents and children in the class. So, should my children wish to meet up with any of their friends over the holiday period, then phone numbers of friends, and addresses could come in handy.

What other things can you think of that you could do now?

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