Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 To Do List

 You guessed it! These are the things I would like to experience/achieve this year. 100 is a lovely round number, and the things I have listed are certainly all achievable in the 12 month period. As a matter of fact, in the weeks of January that have already passed I have completed a couple of tasks already. Impressive huh? Stay tuned as I tick off my list and keep you up to date with my year of achievements
  1. See 1 movie at Gold Class
  2. See 20 movies on DVD not seen before
  3. See a live circus act.
  4. Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary
  5. Finish the kids scrapbooks
  6. Plant a winter garden
  7. Read 10 books
  8. Go out more with friends.
  9. Harvest plants from summer garden and enjoy
  10. Have a cleanout of all the stuff that I don’t use/need.
  11. Go to the Mona.
  12. Have photos of kids done.
  13. Have photos of us done
  14. Print said photos.
  15. Fly somewhere.
  16. Start an exercise routine.
  17. Stick to the exercise routine.
  18. Raise money for charity
  19. Wear a dress/skirt.
  20. Play one or more team sports
  21. Go to the dentist
  22. Have a full weekend to myself
  23. Donate blood
  24. Lower Wii Fit age from 55!
  25. Buy a matching bra/underwear set
  26. Have a professional massage 6 times
  27. Take the family to mini golf
  28. Get skin cancer check
  29. Go a whole weekend at home without Internet
  30. Walk more.
  31. Participate in Clean Up Australia Day
  32. Enter an online photography contest.
  33. Eat Vegetarian for a week
  34. Laugh more.
  35. See a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  36. Visit a new place.
  37. Write a letter to my future old self
  38. Go to a concert.
  39. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  40. Learn a random skill.
  41. Climb a tree.
  42. Have a photo with me up in a tree.
  43. Design tattoo and book appointment
  44. Buy flowers for myself.
  45. Make my own snow angel
  46. Write a letter to my 16 year old self
  47. Start a swear jar at our house
  48. Use funds from swear jar for a family trip
  49. Visit the Farmers Market
  50. Kayak the entire length of White Beach
  51. Ride my bicycle four (4) Sundays in a row without death occurring (to myself and/or others)
  52. Learn how to cook four (4) new dishes
  53. Send flowers
  54. Celebrate Valentines Day
  55. Make a home movie
  56. Make a mix CD every month
  57. Lose 10-15kg and be at that weight next Christmas
  58. Purchase a Juicer
  59. Make some great juice with new juicer
  60. Get the electricity bill under $250!
  61. Design and put up photo displays in our home
  62. Win angry birds
  63. Don’t eat take out for one month (!!)
  64. Incorporate 1/2 hour Yoga into my daily schedule
  65. Swim in the river
  66. Paint bedroom
  67. Sleep under the stars
  68. Fly a kite
  69. Do a course at Bunnings - Tiling
  70. Tile bathroom
  71. No chocolate for a whole month
  72. Go on a Ghost Tour
  73. Get our modular lounge cleaned
  74. Photograph a day in my life
  75. Sell, give away or dispose of ALL items in Mt No Longer Needed
  76. Re-decorate Master's bedroom
  77. Do a complete household budget
  78. Get a pedicure
  79. Carve a pumpkin
  80. Make memory signs for fruit trees
  81. Volunteer for parent help for both children
  82. Make 2 birthday cakes
  83. Reward a busker with money
  84. Try snorkeling
  85. Host a party/get together
  86. Have a picnic in Botanical Gardens
  87. Have 200 views in one day on my blog
  88. 100 suduko puzzles
  89. Be able to jog entire length of walking track
  90. Write 2 hand-writter letters to friends and post
  91. Win something (contest, prize, the lottery)
  92. Learn how to eat when I am hungry only!
  93. Watch every episode of a favourite TV show
  94. Do a nature walk/hike
  95. Learn how to back a trailer
  96. Go to a restaurant and have a 3 course meal
  97. Go a river/jetboat cruise
  98. Meditate - need to improve technique and make it regular
  99. See a musical/theatrical play
  100. Survive the end of the world on Dec 21