Thursday, 19 January 2012

When do you do your best blog thinking?

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When I should be doing something else, I am thinking of my next blog post. When I meant to be going to sleep, when I'm driving, when I'm hanging out the washing, when I'm at WORK!

When everything is quiet, and I am up first in the morning is when I can do my best writing. The ideas and story lines are coming all of the time though.
Sometimes, I should be switching off and going to sleep and before I know it, I have practically written a blog post in my head and even named it.

If I don't right these thoughts and ideas down then by the time I get a chance to blog them, they are gone. This drives my crazy because often, I am not near a sticky note or my computer when I get my wave of creativity.

That's where my phone comes in handy.
If I record these things on Evernote, then the ideas are recorded and can be expanded on at a later date. i drive my husband notes flicking on the light to put notes in Evernote.

I'm dying to know how other bloggers cope with the constant ideas popping into your head? Do you record it or is it gone again? When do you do your best writing?