Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The appreciated donor

Sometimes doing a good deed doesn't always bring the satisfaction or the pat on the back that it should. When I donate clothes, it is not assured that they are going to the neediest, when I do Clean Up Australia, the satisfaction is short lived as I watch the litter return and when I buy a raffle ticket, I am unsure how much is going to the cause.

Giving blood is different - from start to finish.

Giving blood is on my 2012 To Do List and the first thing I organised to do. It is something that I thought about doing for years (don't we all say that?).  Well, no longer! I am officially a registered donor.

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My first experience went without a hitch.I was a little amazed at how simple it was.
Once through the paperwork, my height and weight was recorded, and blood pressure taken. A simple finger prick test measured my blood levels, and then it was off to do the deed. There can be more to it than that see this link for what to expect.

The thing that struck me about my experience of donating blood was the staff. They looked genuinely happy to be there. I was thanked by several staff members for making the decision to donate, which was reiterated a couple of days later when I received a courtesy call.

Your every need is catered for to make sure that you are comfortable through the process. After ward, your courtesy call is used to fine tune the process so that your following experiences are comfortable and tailored to your needs. I was also left with the reassurance that the blood I donated would help up to 3 people. What a great feeling. I will definitely be back to do it again.

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For anyone who has yet to donate you can even book your appointment online.  If you have any doubts ... does it help to know that 1 in 3 people will need blood sometime in their lives. Something to think about.