Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Boosting my "Vitamin ME"

$5000? To holiday in Queensland? To boost my Vitamin Me?

Where would I start, being a Queensland virgin? No that's wrong. I did go through the corner of Queensland once.

My hubby and I have drooled over Queensland before. Not the typical family holidays though. We would rather something natural and wholesome. Something that incorporates leisure, adventure and pamper. Something that can not be found in Tasmania.

So, when so much is on offer and you are overwhelmed by choice, how the hell do you decide? Easy, you get someone else to point you in the right direction. So I went to the Queensland Holiday website and found Find Your Shine. In 3 easy steps I have some suggestions of what I might like to do and see. Looks like I am off to Tropical North Queensland

So I'm talking exotic fresh foods, the bright, warm sun on my back, adrenaline-filled recreational activities, being relaxed and invigorated in one holiday, adventure, history, wildlife, and wilderness. All of this while staying at the great range of holiday spots in comfort,and tailored to our needs.  Sounds absolutely filled with Vitamin Me!
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What? you think I can't pack this all in one holiday? C'mon! It's Queensland! Variety is the spice of life, and Queensland covers it all. My only problems would be .... stretching my $5000 as far as it can go and whether I would take hubby with me. Ah, the dreams of a simple Tassie girl...