Sunday, 8 January 2012

Grateful for ... beginnings

 Beginning a new year gives me energy. How does it do that?

I finished 2011 feeling really tired and drained. Somehow I knew. I knew that energy was just around the corner. I just had to get over the end of the year and wipe the slate clean.

Admittedly, I have used the holiday period to catch up on some sleep, but I am feeling so much more energised. And it's a great feeling.

 With renewed energy, I have renewed enthusiasm and drive. I have been busy cleaning, organising  and ridding our house of unneeded items. Part of this is incorporating the things received for Christmas and giving them homes. It's been a great time to evict those things that no longer have a use in our home and are just creating clutter.

Maybe it's the fact that in Australia we start our New Year in Summer, but I always want to freshen things up at this time of year. I want to create space, lighten the mood, and have clear, clean surfaces.

Perhaps this is becoming my new favourite time of the year?

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