Friday, 20 January 2012

Stop and think. It could make a HUGE difference

So angry that someone could be so selfish. So upset that 2 people could have such disregard for others. So sad that 3 people are left so hurt, they may never be the same again. So disbelieving that this can happen time and time again.

I was physically upset as I listened to the news this morning to learn that two 16 year olds in a Ute had crashed with a 4WD of five passengers. I don't know the circumstances behind why the two 16 year olds where driving on the road, or where they were going. I'm not even sure which vehicle caused the accident.

What I do know is that again and again people make the decision to do things so flippantly, when they are decisions granted to those who have obtained the necessary experience and grown to a maturity to handle it.

What makes young people think they have any place behind the wheel of a vehicle? I know that the young have the tendency to believe they are invincible, I was young too once. I never once did something in my youth where I didn't consider how it may affect someone, or even "what would my parents say about me doing this". Some people make the decision to not get their licence, as they have the maturity to see that driving is not a skill they possess.

Are we doing the wrong thing by boosting the confidence of young people? Kids today are constantly being told anything is possible and you have endless options. Should we instead be saying "you can't do anything until you have proven yourself and earned the right"?

I feel for all the people involved in today's crash, not to mention the flow on effect for their friends, families and community. One very bad decision to jump in the a car can effect so many people. I have seen this first hand.

My wish is that people of all ages, stop before making life changing decisions. Just for a second. It could make the difference.