Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tackling the mountain

Today was D-Day for Mount No Longer Needed. I tackled it head-on, and the effort is now taking it's toll. My feet burn, my bones are a bit achy, and I am feeling my age. The conditions were fair, and although it threatened rain, the breeze blew it aside. I am pleased to say that Mount No Longer Needed is no longer an obstacle in my path.

Mount No Longer Needed was on my 2012 To Do list.

It all started with preparation on the Friday night. I am shamed to say that Mount No Longer Needed is the result of our 2011cull and an earlier garage sale aftermath. Not happy to let Mount No Longer Needed get the better of me, I decided to have another bash at beating it down with yet another garage sale.

Of course, we had added more items to the pile. I was determined that after this sale, items still worth selling would be listed for sale online, other items would be handed onto suitable friends, and the remaining items would be donated to charity. Hubby was keen to see the floor of his beloved "man cave" and wanted the mountain gone.

The day started early, and our 2 local "pickers" were the first on the scene. The clientele trickled in slowly but surely over the first half of the day, and I was pleased to see money exchanged for our preloved items. The aim of my day was never to make a fortune from Mount No Longer Needed, but to get a little back in our pocket as reward for making wise purchases and caring for our belongings.

In the mid-afternoon, I closed shop, happy with the efforts thus far and ready to tackle what was left of Mount No Longer Needed. Photos and descriptions were taken of things I was keen to still sell online, and these items were placed aside. Piles were made of items that I knew would be handy to a few friends, and another pile for charity.

Exhausted but satisfied I surveyed the place where Mount No Longer Needed had stood. I felt I needed a theme song at this moment...Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi? Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees?

I decided on a favourite from my youth ... Walkin' On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves, as I was no longer in the shadow of the mountain.