Friday, 10 February 2012

The day I climbed a tree

 As you get older, there are some things, you realise, you haven't done in a long, long time. Some may be because you physically can't do them anymore.
I did attempt to do a handstand recently. Needless to say that my biceps are certainly not used to holding up my weight. My face and the grass had a very sudden, intimate meeting.

There are other options, depending on your age and the things available to you, that might still be able to do.

I had this exact thought when I was making my 2012 To Do List.
I admire my son often as he climbs nimbly. He looks so free, and he always has the best view.
So, on our recent trip to Wayatinah, I eyed off the trees at the playground. This was the perfect opportunity. No gusting winds, no sharp objects on the ground, a little energy to burn.

Although, my shoes were not exactly built for tree climbing, I strode up to my tree of choice with confidence.

Now, I know that the tree of choice does not look huge, but it offered the perfect angle and thickness of branch for my limited ability.

My friend also pointed out that I shimmied up the branch, rather than showing a climbing style. She is really picky!
Regardless, she took photos between giggles and tried to get the best angle to show how I wasn't really high up high I was. I even managed a couple of poses.

Not to be outdone, Master 4 though he should join me. He was probably thinking, 'what is the big deal'.

I must admit, it was cool being up the tree. I felt young again, until it occurred to me how much it would hurt if I fell. The view is better from up there. A little padding on the branch would have been lovely.

Have you explored your adventurous side lately? What did you do when you were younger that you haven't done in a long time?

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