Friday, 9 March 2012

Grateful for ... my family around me

Tonight, as my hubby walked in the door, I sighed with great relief. To know that he has arrived home safe after a long, late journey settles my mind.  As we run around frantic in life, constantly trying to jam more in and go faster, we need constant reminders that life is precious ... and can be gone in seconds.

It has been a terrible time in our district lately for tragic accidents and death.
A 13 year old girl hit and killed by a car and she ran from the school bus.
A truck driver died after his truck caught fire when it collided with a car on the highway.
Another accident caused by some drugged individuals on my way home tonight, causing my late arrival via detour.

I am grateful to have my family safe, and around me. No matter how annoying their habits may be, no matter how much mess I clean up after them, no matter the menial arguments about McDonald's.