Thursday, 8 March 2012

When will I fly Mummy?

One of the items on my 2012 To Do List was to fly somewhere. Admittedly, This trip was already in our minds when I was writing the list.
Nothing had been finalised though - cheating?

Miss 8 had flown on a plane when she was three, to Adelaide. Still, she was excited. It had been a while for her between memories. Master 4 had never flown before. It was hard to tell what he was thinking in the build up to our trip. Both were known to ask continually "When can I go on a plane?"

This would be twice as exciting, we hoped, as we would be flying in both a large plane, and a smaller one to get to our destination. King Island.

 We got up early and were driven to the Hobart Airport by my father-in-law. The kids were a bit droopy, given the early hour, but they soon found their energy and attitude.

We had packed our trusty weapons against boredom, fidgeting, lack of energy, and filling in time. Miss 8 had her Apple Ipod, loaded with some games, ebooks and music. Master 4 had his Leapster Explorer with two cartridges full of puzzles and activities. Hubby and I had our MP3 players to block everything out.

We survived the wait, and were finally making our way across the tarmac to our plane. We found our seats easily and got settled. Our apologies to the other passengers for the constant, high pitched, excited chatter from our little boy.  Miss 8 was much more "cool" about flying.

The take-off and landing were uneventful (my eternal thanks to the pilot). We collected our bags and made our way to the end of the airport to board our next flight. The timing in between flights was just right.

Our next plane held just 30 passengers, but was much larger than the first plane hubby and I had caught to the island 10 years ago.
Everyone had a great view on this plane, and it is always amazing to look down on the tiny houses, and the boats in Bass Strait.

In 30 minutes, we were touching down again. We had made it without major drama,  or sickness.

Many thanks to the staff of Jetstar and REX who did an exceptional job of looking after us.

We would be back for our return flights to do it all again.