Thursday, 29 March 2012

People in Radio need a Psych Evaluation

What the hell is going on with radio and the announcers in Australia lately? I may say some things here that might make you think I'm an elderly nanna having a moan, but for this 30-something year old, something, somewhere has gone a little wonky in broadcasting land.

I have always loved listening to the radio. As a youngster I would spend hours listening to the Top40, and the radio was often in the background while I studied. I remember the announcers having something to say about the songs they played, the artists and who was touring at the time. The chatter really was about music and the scene.

These days you've got the likes of Kyle Sandilands on 2DAYFM, giving his opinion and bagging anyone with two legs. You have announcers sharing their most private details to get people to ring in and share in the moment. You also have the announcers pulling pranks on each other and daring others to do things, just to get ratings and pull a few more people in. Advertisers are pulling out left, right and center. Radio stations are at threat of losing their licenses.
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When did it all go to shit? 

When did it become about station and announcer competition and gimmicks, rather than music?

These days, it's a battle to even know the name of a song, because the announcer doesn't mention it in his babble, that he obviously thinks is the reason for people are tuning in.

People complain about radio advertising. I would rather listen to the adverts, as at least they may offer some sensible information, than the announcers who prank call a restaurant to see who can place the longest order.

And the language that is not allowable in songs is mind-boggling. These words weren't even written into songs years ago, and then were written in but beeped out. Now, we complain about the language used by the youth ... but seriously, where are they getting the idea that it's OK to talk like that?

Maybe that is a story for another time?