Friday, 30 March 2012

The secret I discovered about hoarding

I am a hoarder! I am hesitant to toss anything for which I may later find a use for.
Even worse, there are things with a clear use, like skin products, beauty products and hair products that I accumulate like there is no tomorrow. I didn't know the hidden truth about the products I was hoarding.

That time is fast approaching for me. I think I have finally come to a stage of my life where I realise how ridiculous it is to accumulate and keep things en mass. The thing is .... I do not wear make-up all the time. I know, it's crazy that I have an abundance of it when I only use it occasionally.

I do believe that my collection/habit started whilst working in a pharmacy where I could get a discount on all these great bathroom items. From then on, I have continually been sucked in by pretty catalog pictures and claims of what the products can do. My husband will also tell you that he has had to drag me away from a Sale sign on more than one occasion.

I have never thought beyond the fact that these things are taking up(and over-flowing) valuable room and creating frustration when looking for an item.

That is, until I recently read how products change over time. I learned how liquid ingredients separate, colours change and bottles and jars breed bacteria after being contaminated by air and your fingers. Ewww!

With this in my mind I have a clear plan for sorting through these things to keep the products that are suitable for me NOW, tossing anything that is aging, changed colour, texture or smell. I also hear that the trick to decluttering is to discard as quickly as possible. You won't see me for dust!