Friday, 23 March 2012

Slave for a day or just pushed for time?

Do you get your kids to do everything themselves? I believe in teaching responsibility, pride and confidence, and getting them to try something, even if they need a little help. This morning, though when the Kindergarten teacher commented that I was being the slave for my 4 year old, I had to take a moment to assess the situation.

I am not the most patient person and sometimes a little soft, and that is often where my problem lies. I also have to remind myself to slow down when I have time up my sleeve, as I tend to move at one pace through the day. I also believe, though, that children are children and need to learn age appropriate things. I think that this learning is best done at a time that is suitable to them and you.

When I am rushing around in the morning trying to make sure 3 people are ready to go out the door, I would rather do a task myself than pull a child away from the bathroom to do it. I often start loading up the car while the kids finish getting ready. I know time is crucial when I have to stop off at two separate schools, and then make it to work on time. When I know that my son is having a shaky week coping in his first semester ever at school, I will carry his bag over to his hook and hang his hat above it. This was exactly the scenario from this morning.
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Sometimes it is quicker and easier to do a task myself. I also get peace of mind knowing that something is done and in it's place.

It's not that I don't see the value of children doing things themselves. I do! And we practice and encourage this at home often. At home, we are not pushed for time and there is room to try things several times to get it right. If time permits, then I encourage the children to do as much as they can. I am such a believer in having a go.

So, while I did stop and assess this morning, I came to the conclusion that things were as they should be.

How do you manage your children and their learning?

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