Saturday, 24 March 2012

Playing Grown Ups

Being a family on limited budget, and with a youngster that draws lots of attention in public, we very rarely go to a restaurant. We tend to visit the quick and easy establishments known for their cheap food which does not look like the pictures on the billboards. Otherwise a counter meal is an option, as long as there is play equipment for the kiddies which means slightly less indigestion  after the meal for us.

Today hubby and I were traveling without children. The perfect time to try something grown up.

We were lured to the taste of something different to the usual, or just something with taste!

We walked into an Asian restaurant.
There was authentic music playing in the background, not loud pop music with film clips.
There were fancy gold tablecloths, and gold chair covers with bows. Very swish!
There was cutlery and napkins on the table already, instead of help-yourself trays near the register.
The waiter pulled out my chair for me. Very rare indeed.
We ordered and waited. We found the need for conversation. No Keno here.
The meal was lovely and very relaxed.
No talking through gritted teeth. No cutlery dropped on the floor. No food or drinks spilled.

Perhaps too relaxing?

Again, I blame it on the fact that this was a very rare outing for me, as I told the waiter at the counter the meal was lovely and headed out the door.

He was hesitant but managed to get out "Excuse me, would you like to settle the bill?"
WHOOPS! How bloody embarrassing.
I'm so used to paying for things as I order.

As if I wasn't embarrassed enough, hubby then had a chuckle to the waiter, and blurted out, "You know mate, she was saying at the table she was going to try slipping out the door without paying".

Nervous laughter and a swift jab to the ribs.

Maybe I should try eating out solo for the ultimate restaurant experience?