Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday etiquette ... out the window

Is there an etiquette to follow on Sunday mornings relating to the noise of children?
The more I try to quieten my kids the noisier they get - like a red flag to a bull.

I tried to keep them inside this morning for as long as possible, but they have been cooped up inside with their colds, and are obviously feeling the need to be out of the house.

That would be fine normally as I fully encourage lots of outside play and fresh air. But it was just after 8am this Sunday morning, and their game of choice was basketball.

We have neighbours all around us at close vicinity. Some are elderly, a couple are shift workers and we have a toddler over the back. To make matters worse, their play was exciting the dog, who then started to yap and jump against our rattling gate.

Do I stay inside and hide?

Is it really that bad?

We have put up with our fair share of neighbourly noise in the past, from parties, music, domestic arguments, noisy cars and lawn mowers at early hours. Do our neighbours just need to suck it up? Kids need to be kids, right?

What are your thoughts?