Monday, 12 March 2012

Treats of Tasmania - Patchwork Cafe

We have some fantastic shops, cafe, hotels, parks, etc in Tasmania worth bragging about. I thought it only fair that I share some of these with you from time to time. I am starting this series off with a lovely cafe in the Derwent Valley which also appeals to the craft minded.

Patchwork Cafe is situated at 15 George street, New Norfolk. It is nestled amongst the lush greenery, tucked behind the Motel. You are almost transported to another world as you near the cafe. Away from the busy streets of the town, surrounded by hints of yesteryear and a landscaped garden, this gorgeous wooden building is very inviting. This building was originally part of Willow Court, parts of which are reputed to be older than Port Arthur.

Whether you are seated inside or out in the garden, the view is lush and tranquil. The coffee is of high standard, and the cakes, slices and light snacks top it off nicely. The cafe also stocks small gift items, but is know, as the name suggests, for it fabrics, quilting supplies and classes.

You are sure to be made welcome.

You can see more photos and it's location on it's Facebook page. Here are some I took today.