Thursday, 8 March 2012

What does a beard offer?

Today I came across an article called Lets face it beards aren't sexy .
 "Bearded men are less attractive to women but command more respect from other men", was the conclusion of the study, in the above article.

Mind you the study was done in New Zealand, with pictures of New Zealand men. So, maybe 
New Zealanders should not travel down the bearded path.

On the right man, a beard can look very sexy. Would Sean Connery get the same reaction without his signature beard?
And no, a beard is not for every man. Some men can't grow a decent looking beard if their lives depended on it. For many though, it offers more definition of the jaw,  a less boyish, mature look, an image that can come and go easily, a solution to shaving rash, a defence against the sun ....

My hubby has a beard, and I think it works for him, as long as it is styled and neat. Of course, this is my opinion and I could be slightly biased.
But there seems to be other woman out there who don't mind a beard man.

Need some examples?
Let me know what your opinion is ... I would love to know.

And these would be my favourites courtesy of The

a with beard without 17 Rough and rugged or clean cut? (18 photos)