Friday, 13 April 2012

I don't want to win - I want to HAVE A GO!

My little blog has been nominated in the Best Australian Blogs 2012! Voting started today at 5.00pm EST - a simple click on the badge below will take you to the voting page.

Do I expect to win?
                          Absolutely no chance!

So why enter? 
                   Because I love having a go. I love saying, I gave it a shot, my name was there.
                   I really don't mind where my blog appears on the list. It can turn into a bit of a popularity
                   contest,  after all.
                   But I would hope that one of my 80 odd followers might put a tick next to my entry.        


                   At the end of the day, to see my blog listed on the same list as some of the most fantastic
                   writer's and bloggers in the country, is all I need to feel like a winner.

                    So nominations are in, and voting starts today.

                    Vote for Bright Side Up (or not), that's why they call it People's Choice. If nothing else,
                     hop over to the list and discover some amazing blogs.