Friday, 13 April 2012

Don't disturb ... I am absorbing reality.

Have I told you about my love of certain Reality TV Shows? The ones that mix reality TV with renovation?

I am soooo excited that The Block will be airing it's new 2012 season on Monday night. There will be no guessing where I'll be @ 7pm. Actually, just in case of unscheduled catastrophe, I will be setting to record so I don't miss it, and can even watch it again to get me through to the next episode.

When 2011 season of The Block ended last year, it was like saying goodbye to old friends. My friendships have continued online though, having discovered the Facebook page of Polly and Waz , Rod and Tania, Josh and Jenna, Katrina and Amie. Even more exciting was discovering part-way through 2011 that Katrina is an avid blogger, and I have been following her ever since. She is one cool chick that has many talents.

So, this season will introduce 8 more couples, whom, no doubt, I will welcome into my lounge room each week and grow to love.I will get inspired by their passion and drive, their skills and sometimes lack there of. I will get sucked into the game of reality TV, and take sides in disputes. I will have an opinion on the style and design of each couple and eagerly agree, or dispute the judges weekly pick. I will marvel in the transformation of each home before my eyes, and the growth of each personality.

Scott Cam and Shelley will greet me as each episode opens, and I will settle back in the cushions, and exhale deeply. Nobody dare speak, walk in front of the TV, knock on my door or call my phone. Committing such sins during me viewing an episode of The Block 2012 will incur harsh consequences.

I hope you enjoy it too.

To whet you appetite I will leave you with The Block 2012 promo.