Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lucky I love puzzles

I love a good puzzle. Which is quite lucky really - given that parenting involves a lot of puzzle work.

I love a good Word Search, Crosswords, Sudoku, Maze, Who Done It mysteries and even untangling things. My children like to give me a good puzzle occasionally too. They test my brain and skill just as much as any puzzle in any book. Can you relate?

My children often say to me 
"Mum, you know yesterday, when we went to that park, and we saw that bird? I climbed on that big climbing thing. Can we go there again Mum?"

So to decipher this, I have to know that yesterday is hardly ever yesterday, but can be quite some time ago. 
I then have to flip through the pictures in my head of every park we have ever visited, and single out a memory of a bird. 
I then need to cross check in my memory if the park has a big climbing thing. 
Once I have worked through this process, I can answer the question.

We are always searching for things too like keys, remote control, favourite jeans, etc.

Then you have the joy of living in a small house and the need to organise rooms to fit everything in. Just when you think you have a solution, the kids change their minds and want the bed on the other wall.

I also play detective. Following the clues, deciphering the evidence, and analysing the story to discover the truth.
Lastly, there is the quick thinking involved in explaining complex things in life; the manipulation of words, and the tricky structure of the conversation to suit their growing minds.

Luckily, I like a good puzzle ... as long as my energy levels can keep up.