Sunday, 3 June 2012

Are you a team player?

With the first roster done and dusted, I thought it about time I updated on my Team Sport effort. We had a great season and made it to the first final for our Grade, and were then wiped out. I looked forward to each and every game through the roster, even when I knew we would lose.

Netball for me, firstly is for fun and fitness, and secondly for competition. Everyone likes to win, undoubtedly, but as long as I felt good at the end from the exercise and social interaction, then it was a good game.

Playing one or more Team Sports is part of my 2012 TO DO LIST

If you read the post Painfully Obvious when I first got back into it after 8 years,  you may have thought that I would quit after a couple of games. I know hubby was shocked to see me go back after that first game. His exact words as I walked in the door that night was "wow, you look like crap". I probably did, but I had so much fun running around the court I didn't care.

The thing I love about team sport is being accountable to the rest of the team. So, even when I am all cosy at home and we are scheduled to play a 9pm game, I have the knowledge that the rest of the team are counting on me to turn up. Accountability is important if, like me, you can find an excuse to not exercise.

We finished off the season with a Dinner and Presentation Night, which was just what we needed. It was lovely seeing all the girls tizzed up and letting loose on the dance floor.

The Winter roster starts this week. Whilst I am grateful that we play inside at the Sports Centre, it can still get very cold. A great excuse to warm up quickly and run harder.