Thursday, 7 June 2012

Just Do It! Monthly Health Assessment

I met with the Company personal trainer today. Remember? The great Australian company that cares so much for it's employees that it is paying to look after us? I know - still hard to believe! It's a month on from my Grateful .. for being accountable post and I am still pinching myself.

So my weight had been measured, my measurements noted down, my blood pressure recorded and my glucose and cholesterol levels checked. We talked about goals and a strategy.

A month has passed and I have been a little casual in my efforts, but still very conscious of my goal and pushing myself when needed.

The first week was great. I was motivated. I wrote religiously in my food diary. I joined other employees to make a lunch walking group. I tried to be better with my food choices. I pushed myself to fit more exercise into my week and did it solo.

The following weeks were not so good. I got slack writing in my food diary. I ate a few things that I knew were not ideal, but I didn't go overboard. I continued to walk with the group and exercise solo. The last week the Winter Netball Roster started, which is something I enjoy, so I got the most out of the first game.

My trainer had suggested that I don't check my weight or measurements at home. "Let it be a surprise"she said. Overall, I had been eating better and moving more, so I was confident that I should be heading in the right direction. I could not tell a great difference with my clothes ... maybe a little more comfortable instead of tight?

I went into my monthly assessment positive but not overly confident. My trainer put me through a Strength & Conditioning Circuit which really got the blood pumping and the sweat dripping. It was great but I was thankful it only lasted half an hour. With a cool down and stretch done, it was time for the nitty gritty.

I stood on the scales and waited for them to display my current weight. I stared at the little screen, not really registering the numbers. My trainer had to say it several times before it sunk in. "You've lost 4 kilos!" She could see that it wasn't sinking in at first, because I certainly wasn't mirroring the excitement she was showing.

4 kilos was a much better result than I had been expecting.

Given that I am a person who can find an excuse not to do things or procrastinate until the opportunity has passed, I am glad for those little pushes I gave myself to get out there and JUST DO IT.